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Replace your usual guest speaker or professional development training with a fun and unique event – a live taping of a career advice podcast!

We work with your company or organization to come up with a personalized topic for your group and then leverage our network, following and personal experience to plan the perfect episode!

Then the fun happens! We’ll record our Big Girl Money episode in person or via zoom for your organization.

Past Live Podcast Episodes

59. Career Improv! (LIVE)

This episode of Big Girl Money was recorded LIVE for the University of Colorado, Denver’s Women in Business Club! It turns out the Big Girl Money take on “career planning” looks a little more like career improvisation. Listen as we cover the 5 things to remember as you start the first chapter of your super awesome career and take questions at the end! 

56. Getting Paid What You’re Worth LIVE with SIM Women Colorado

This episode is brought to you by SIM Women Colorado. The Big Girl Skill today is all about negotiating your assets off and getting paid what you’re worth. Negotiating can be intimidating, but we walk you through our seven step how-to-guide so you’re ready to negotiate that next raise or job offer like a pro.

49. Tailoring Your Career to Your Personality… LIVE with Women Who Code

This podcast was recorded live for the Colorado chapter of Women Who Code. Long time software engineer and Women Who Code Lead, Vui Nguyen, helped us share three tips for tailoring your career to your personality and not the other way around! 


When the Big Girl Money podcast co-hosts pitched doing a live podcast on Negotiating and Getting Paid What You’re  Worth to our SIM Women organization, I was excited but a bit apprehensive since it was so different from our typical events. To say my concerns were unwarranted would be a huge understatement. I received texts during the event from my members saying how refreshing and engaging the event was. Wendy and Roni provide a unique mix of humor and education and leverage their intergenerational wisdom to pull in an audience of all ages.

Jennifer Harding

Thank you so much for being amazing keynote speakers at TechTogether. Not only was your talk  energetic and informative, it was also extremely funny. Several other attendees have reached out to me with how much they enjoyed listening to the two of you speak, and how they plan on subscribing and listening to your podcast going forward.

Ellie Kobak

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Big Girl Money Keynote for the UoO TechTogether Conference
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