Elevator Pitch Examples

Hello! Bellow you will find the elevator pitch examples from the “Elevator Pitches, Bitches” episode of Big Girl Money! Let us know how they’ve helped you!

  • I’m passionate about designing simple, beautiful user interfaces. I combine a keen design sense with technical acumen and empathy for users. Most recently I was team lead for the redesign of a website that aims to inspire kids to go into STEM fields.
  • Alda thrives on the challenge of formulating and implementing strategies that transform vision into operating reality.  She has a diverse track record of success ranging from founding non-profit start-ups to building new business units within billion dollar companies. She is an effective communicator, experienced team builder, and cross-functional leader who is looking to roll up her sleeves to help build the next big Front Range technology venture. 
  • As a Cognitive Scientist, she’s passionate about the interaction of cognition and computing, specifically in the realms of perception and language. She makes applications more insightful and efficient by optimizing data. She is a rare breed in that she enjoys working on both ends of the stack, and her ideal position has her finding new ways to mine data for innovative outcomes. 
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