Competence vs. Capability

If you’re looking to read more about the study of the sode or the news story from episode two check out the links below!

Our study of the sode this episode was just one statistic from a study that NCWIT produced in 2016. For more information check out this fact sheet!

This is one of the most alarming studies that Wendy and I have uncovered during the production of the podcast. However, it is unfortunately not surprising considering Wendy is a tech corporation “escapee” herself. This makes us realize that harassment and discrimination such as the situations Wendy and I have faced is not uncommon! What we didn’t cover in the episode is that only 20% of these women are leaving the workforce completely and 74% of them indicate that they “love their work”. I completely agree with Kristin when she points out that improvement to workplace environments is crucial to making work a place where women thrive. Getting more females to the C-suite and in other leadership roles would no doubt improve the tech retention rate. NCWIT believes that two very essential components to an inclusive environment are “top leadership support and institutional accountability” as well as “improving managerial relationships”. How do you think corporations could reduce the exit rate? Are you a woman or minority that exited tech? Email us at! We want to hear from you!

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